Thursday, January 28

Sex Sells...

... Cullen paints!

The Queen of the Race Track

Beach Security

Tuesday, January 26

Postcards from the Edge #33

Anybody want to start a knife fight?

Banana Split!

Victory Girls

Monday, January 25

Souvenir shops sell the wackiest things.

The Sixties Woman...

...knows how to work a lilypad.

Friday, January 22

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #13

Dope peddlers that look like housewives, in 1951. And ladies, reading the paper that closely could hurt your eyes.

Thursday, January 21

Postcards from the Edge #32

Wednesday, January 20

The Sixties Woman...

... enjoys a good cookout.

Italian Cold-Cut

An Aristocratic Air About Them

Tuesday, January 19

And once again...

... fifth wheel Rudy Nesbitt ruins everyone's good time. Way to go Rudy!

Childhood #21

Monday, January 18

The Sixties Woman...

...emerges from the pool perfectly dry.

Sex Sells...

...the Navy!

Balloon Dress

Thursday, January 14

Childhood #20

Dog Laundry

Real Classy Like

Sunbathing or Dead: You Make the Call.

Wednesday, January 13

The Sixties Woman...

...isn't threatened by a younger, leggier sixties woman.

The Tooth Booth

Postcards from the Edge #31

Tuesday, January 12

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #12

Cary Johannesson, 18, on trial for murder, 1958, Los Angeles, CA. On April 4th, 1958, Cary picked up Phyllis Meltzer, aged 15, at her house in Reseda for a date, bought a case of beer then proceeded to rape her and choke her to death. He had been arrested the year before for battery when he choked another girl who managed to fight him off. This time, he told police, "Once I started choking Phyllis I thought I'd better go through with it because I didn't want to go to jail again. I guess I kind of get a thrill out of choking a girl." He later said that he "thought about trying to revive her but I didn't want to touch her again... I don't trust myself alone with a girl."

His trial concluded with a whopping seven minute jury deliberation before returning a verdict of "guilty" on the charge of 1st degree murder.

Source: Los Angeles Times Daily Mirror blog.

Sex Sells...

... Atomic Energy!

A Cup o' Joe

Friday, January 8

Postcards from the Edge #30

Childhood #19

Wednesday, January 6

Bird feeder

Higher Education

Tuesday, January 5

Dynamic Duo

Postcards from the Edge #29

Monday, January 4

Childhood #18

Being a teen in the 70s.

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #11

Place: Los Angeles. Year: 1949. Crime: Being gay. Yes, they used to actually round up men in gay bar raids like these transvestites picked up on just such a raid. All things considered they seem to be taking it rather well.

The Sixties Woman...

... likes a good food fight!

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