Wednesday, June 30

It's hard to believe, but the almost completely useless Beach Bums month has come to an end.

And so, with beach robots in arms...

... we bid this year's Beach Bums Month goodbye. Tomorrow the Edge returns to its mission of meaningless photography of questionable purpose. See you there!

Monday, June 28

Sea Tea

Friday, June 25

Muscle Beach...

Now Kid Friendly!

Thursday, June 24

The New BP Gulf Resort

"Come in crude. Go home refined."

Wednesday, June 23

Baby Elephant Wash

Tuesday, June 22

Attack of the Deep Sea Dimwits

Monday, June 21

Beach Bum Scrum

Friday, June 18

Jump Up and Kick Up Your Feet - The Beach Bums are Back

Wednesday, June 16

The Invisible Edge is closed for business. Thank you all for coming.

Friday, June 11

What an Alfred Hitchcock/Lawrence Welk/Annette Funicello bender looks like

Thursday, June 10

Beach Bums Indeed

Tuesday, June 8

Oh look, a dead snake...

Well, don't just stand there, pose! How many dead snake photo ops are you going to get?

Pomp, Circumstance and Sand

Monday, June 7

Let Beach Bums Month Begin!

Pig races at the beach. Why did they ever stop?

Tuesday, June 1

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

All persons having business before The Invisible Edge are admonished to draw near and give their attention, for the blog is now sitting. For the rest of this week the Edge shall sit silent as much, much, much needs to be done in the brick and mortar world of graduations and in-laws staying at the homestead. If there is time for blogging it will be at Cinema Styles.

Upon returning The Invisible Edge will officially kick off "Beach Bums Month" in which every post in June is a "Beach Bums" post. Why? For one, it's gimmicky and cheap gimmickry is exalted here at the Edge. Two, I have more of those weird, inexplicable beach photos than you can possibly imagine. In fact, if you had a stick and I laid out all the beach photos in front of you and you then started shaking the stick at them, it would easily exceed the stick's load capacity for shaking. And, I have just uploaded dozens more so...


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