Friday, February 26

Sex Sells...

... Guns!

What a Gas!

Dog Days

That dog sure has gotten a lot more cluttered since he last showed his face around here.

Thursday, February 25

Woman Eats Hot Dog. Hot Dog Pees on Bun.

Tuesday, February 23

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #16

June 30, 1955:  Patricia Moore, center, is comforted by her daughter, Toni Davis, and son, Telford Moore, jr, as she awaits the verdict in her final trial for the slaying of her husband, Dr. Telford Moore in 1952.

In May 1952, Patricia Moore filed for divorce, no longer able to bear her husband's beatings and affairs. Her husband moved out but, as a precaution, a policeman friend gave her a revolver for her protection.  On May 10, 1952, Dr. Moore broke into the house in a rage, chased Mrs. Moore down the hall, threw her  to the ground and began beating her. She pulled out the revolver from her pocket and shot him twice.

After the first two murder trials produced hung juries, the state reduced the charge to manslaughter and a third trial was initiated. It too was headed for a likely hung jury and on July 8, 1955, before the case was finished, the State of California finally dropped all charges against Mrs. Moore and she was free to go.

The Tragedy of the Wax Museum

A very sad Cornelius, Zaius and Zira.

Sex Sells...

... Oranges!

Friday, February 19

Postcards from the Edge #37

Simple. Straightforward. Slightly disturbing.

The Sixties Woman...

...doesn't make for a very scary pirate.

Adventures in Driving

Wednesday, February 17

Dames and Cops: The Musical

Tuesday, February 16

In his defense... can't be easy to parallel park one of those things.

Postcards from the Edge #36

The Sixties Woman...

...keeps a well-stocked bomb shelter.

Monday, February 15

No Horseplay by the Pool!

Bowl Barber

Sex Sells...

... Jaywalking!

Wednesday, February 10

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #15

Dope peddler consoled by girlfriend. That can't be good for his back.

Postcards from the Edge #35

Seeing illustrations of men being blown apart always did give me the urge for a smoke.

28 and 9/10s?! That's highway robbery!

Tuesday, February 9

The Sixties Woman...

... Fishes!

Monday, February 8

Sex Sells...

... Statehood!

Postcards from the Edge #34

Charleston, SC, birthplace of your host

Childhood #22

Friday, February 5

It's the same old story

Old Spice Boy meets Breck Girl
Old Spice Boy loses Breck Girl
Old Spice Boy wins back Breck Girl

Fashionably Under Par

Wednesday, February 3

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #14

Dope peddler busted, 1952. Apparently, Sean Penn made the arrest.

Delicate, Tasteful, Refined

Tuesday, February 2

The Sixties Woman...

... never cheats.

Fresh Eggs

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