Wednesday, September 30

I Like Horses!

Sex Sells...


Tuesday, September 29

Postcards from the Edge #4

The Driftwood Hotel, Miami Beach. Have a daiquiri by the pool, courtesy of the Edge.

Smell this...

Okay, now guess where I stuck it.

Monday, September 28

Words Fail

That Ticket's Gotta Hurt...

I mean, isn't the fact that he turned his car over on an embankment, has to get it righted, towed and fixed punishment enough?

Friday, September 25

This Year's Tennis Look

Underwater Ping Pong

Thursday, September 24

Sex Sells...

Union Pacific!

Postcards from the Edge #3

Sand gets in your shoes.

Wednesday, September 23

Who wants some pie?

The Brown Derby

Eat in the hat.

Friday, September 18

Postcards from the Edge #2

Cary Grant's beach mansion, er, house, in Malibu.

Postcards from the Edge #1

Mulholland Dr., 1941.

Monday, September 14

Sex Sells...

Fire Safety!

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