Monday, November 30

Clean Minds, Dirty Feet

Postcards from the Edge #23

The Sixties Woman...


Thursday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving from the Edge

Wednesday, November 25

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #7

The case of Barbara Burns, daughter of once-famous radio, stage and film comedian Bob Burns, brought up on narcotics charges thanks to a healthy heroin addiction and marriage at 20 to a heroin dealer, David Mack, who receives a sentence of 5 years to life. Barbara gets 90 days.

Sex Sells...

... Water Horses!

Tuesday, November 24

And Once More into the Breach

The return of big-haired leopard print woman!

Postcards from the Edge #22

Childhood #12

The teen years

Monday, November 23

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #6

Would-be-attacker shot by off-duty cop... right in the ass! 1952

The Sixties Woman...

... keeps your grocer's shelves stocked.

The Pie Queen

Friday, November 20

Childhood #11

Just put those down anywhere

Thursday, November 19

Look into my armpits

Free Gas with Stamps!

Postcards from the Edge #21

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #5

Donning a polo, khakis and loafers a youth has a beer on the church house steps and makes his exit. 1957.

Wednesday, November 18

Fads That Never Caught On...

Nude Dinosaur-Themed Weddings.

The Real Thing

Tuesday, November 17

The Sixties Woman...

... enjoys parrots.

Childhood #10

Monday, November 16

Sex Sells...


Bigfoot's shoes discovered. Disappointingly plain, workmanlike.

Friday, November 13

The Sixties Woman...

...holds the key to your heart

Postcards from the Edge #20

Laika, the space dog

Thursday, November 12

The Sixties Woman...


Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #4

Sandra Erickson, 18, attempted murder of two deputy sheriffs, 1958

Window Shopping... the mythical land of lesbians, still sadly hidden from view in the 1950s.

Wednesday, November 11

A hat box, a dress and the newest Percy Faith...

Let's get this party started!

Childhood #9

Tuesday, November 10

The Sixties Woman...

...isn't afraid of leopard prints

Postcards from the Edge #19

Archery Anarchy

Monday, November 9

The Geordi La Forge look sweeps the nation.

Sex Sells...

Model Viking Ships!

Childhood #8

Friday, November 6

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #3

1957. Charles Lee Guy III, 17, kills his mother's lover with a shotgun. Later he records an album in prison.

Slaying the Dragon!

Postcards from the Edge #18

Thursday, November 5

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #2

Nancy Lynne Smith, 17, attempted vehicular homicide.

Now with a Drive-Thru!

Postcards from the Edge #17

Wednesday, November 4

Mmmmm, dripping blood cake!

Looks delicious!

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