Tuesday, March 2

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #17

A very sad story of an artist, frustrated and depressed, taking her final exit. I can't say I don't understand the feeling at times. Sometimes being sensitive is a curse because everyday reactions of people become sleights, insults or rejections. Eventually, you just want peace.


Arbogast said...

That's really awful. Any more info on this? Why is it that once an artist is dead you want to see what kind of stuff they did, whereas in life you'd cross the street to avoid having to give an opinion? I guess it's the seriousness of the intention of suicide that impresses. Too bad that can't go on your resume.

Greg said...

Couldn't find any other info. I tried the usual newspaper archives (The Times and Examiner, where I found the info on Patricia Moore down further) but came up empty. Just the picture with the caption about the "art suicide" as they called it.

A part of the urge to see what they did after they're dead is about judging without fear of damaged or hurt feelings I think. Also, depending on the nature of the death, in this case self-inflicted gunshot wound, you want to see if there was a "reason" she didn't succeed, whether due to mundane art or art too bold to be understood.

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