Sunday, April 4

The Dead Walk the Earth!

Here's hoping your Easter isn't nearly as creepy as these pictures. Enjoy!

I am unsure why these girls are not screaming. I sure as hell would be.


The Easter Bunny has your baby. Put down the gun and back away slowly.




I'm sorry, but that Easter Bunny is pissed!


If that girl ever gets another good night's sleep again I'll be amazed.



Tom said...

Whoah, these are creepy.

Greg said...

I think the pissed-off Easter Bunny is my favorite. And it's like he (she?) is saying, "These are my two kids, and they're gonna kick your ass now."

Arbogast said...

The Easter Bunny paid a visit to my son's daycare classroom on Thursday and apparently the screaming was something like the cinema scene in The Tingler.

Greg said...

He always scared me. Rabbits shouldn't be that size.

Anonymous said...

You should have included a screenshot from "Night of the Lepus." Now those rabbits ARE a funny way.

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