Wednesday, November 25

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #7

The case of Barbara Burns, daughter of once-famous radio, stage and film comedian Bob Burns, brought up on narcotics charges thanks to a healthy heroin addiction and marriage at 20 to a heroin dealer, David Mack, who receives a sentence of 5 years to life. Barbara gets 90 days.


Arbogast said...

In that third picture from the top (not counting the news item), Barbara looks uncannily like Patrick Swayze.

Greg said...

Holy shit, you're right. Actually, she looks like him in all of them. I knew she had a familiar face but couldn't place it. Now if only one of the lawyers looked like Jennifer Grey.

Arbogast said...

They'd have the time of their lives!

Greg said...

As long as nobody puts Barbara in a pris... corner.

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