Friday, December 4

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #9

Murder-Suicide, 1951. Husband shoots wife, then self.

"To those who know me they will understand. To ----- ----- I hope this brings the peace we once had. I ask God alone to judge my actions."

Sometimes life is just unbearably sad.


Arbogast said...

It's the baby picture on the radio that really gets you.

Greg said...

According to the info I found at the L.A. Examiner's archives they were both 39. It didn't mention kids but that doesn't mean there weren't. Hell, even if the baby picture is one of them it's still sad as hell. On that day they stopped existing. They could have had another forty years of life and experience after a divorce. Who ever imagines they're going to go out like that?

Arbogast said...

Nobody. But people keep doing it.

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