Wednesday, December 30

All Hail the Donut King!


kassy said...

Ack, this was me this morning when someone brought doughnuts in to work.

Greg said...

I love when someone brings doughnuts into work. Doughnuts actually make me want to go to work. In case you can't tell, I like doughnuts.

Arbogast said...

I used to like doughnuts but something died for us a long time ago. We're on good terms, we see one another on the odd holiday, but I could weep at the inexplicable loss of passion.

More of a scone man now.

Greg said...

Scones are too dry for me. Like compacted sand with currents added to break the monotony. But as long as I've a good cup of tea for dipping I'll eat as many scones as you place in front of me.

Arbogast said...

I like to slice scones in sections and eat them like that. I like dry. I hate getting my hands dirty, which is why I went into film criticism.

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