Tuesday, January 26

Postcards from the Edge #33

Anybody want to start a knife fight?


Arbogast said...

Don't step in Colossal Beast poop!

Greg said...

Go here for a full list of movies from which to make jokes.

So, have you ever been there? When I get to California, me and Robert Plant, it's one of my first stops.

Arbogast said...

Yes, I've been there a couple of times. Teen-Age Crime Wave sets its climactic shoot-out there.

Greg said...

A couple of times? Lucky dog. When I get to California I want to go with you so we can reenact the knife fight from Rebel. We'll bring Bill to fill Sal Mineo's shoes. Kimberly's up the coast. She can come down and play Natalie Wood.

Arbogast said...

That would be awesome.

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