Thursday, January 14

Real Classy Like


Arbogast said...

I love how he's covering his nuts and she's got her gadge wide open for business.

Greg said...

That's the kind of thing you do when you're all real classy-like and shit. Like they are.

steve said...

Ma Pa and the Maverick they concived me in.
God I'm proud ma never could keep the coochie covered.

The Dirty Shames said...

She's a famous photographer named Nikki Lee who did this as one of her projects. She lives with different types of families and adapts their style. Her work is at the Met and other various galleries.

Greg said...

Oh my god, that's awesome! I found this on a flickr site or maybe tumblr. Don't even remember now but they had no info. Wow, that's really cool to learn, though, thanks! I'm going to look into her work.

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