Friday, September 18

Postcards from the Edge #2

Cary Grant's beach mansion, er, house, in Malibu.


Ryan Kelly said...

Archibald Leach builds his dream house?

Greg said...

The Wham account was even more successful than previously thought.

Arbogast said...

You could wet yourself trying to find the bathroom in that place. But that's mostly because Cary and Randolph won't unlock the door and come out.

Greg said...

Tarantula and now Randolph Scott's relationship with Cary. You've got gay on the brain.

Fox said...

The man in the moon's got nothing on the Cary Grant in the sun!

Gay brain rules.

Anonymous said...

Gay shmay.

At the end of the day -no matter who is what-it's the bottom line.

And the name on the Tile/Deed.

So this is the digs Randy and Cary had a falling out over?

Greg said...

You know I'm not sure. I thought it was another house but I don't know. I just know they lived together for about twelve years.

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