Friday, February 5

Fashionably Under Par


Arbogast said...

Kind of looks like Judy and Helen Cooper the day before The Night of the Living Dead.

Greg said...

Someone should do a full-on prequel that has absolutely nothing to do with zombies. Just give us everyone's backstory and then end as Babs and Johnny go to the car, Johnny frustrated they have to drive all the way out to the cemetary.

"I'd rather be dead," he says.

At that moment we cut to the iconic Bill Hinzman character, maybe he's a cemetary groundskeeper. He's bumming a smoke from the grave digger.

That's all I've got so far. Hinzman should say something clever and foreboding here. You fill in the blank.

Arbogast said...

Remember the expanded version of Night of the Living Dead that somebody did 10 years ago or so? They got Hinzman to reprise his role, 30 years and 50 pounds later? And his backstory, get this, is that he was a child molester.

Couldn't you kill sometimes?

Greg said...

I never saw that. I'm glad I never did.

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