Friday, February 26

Dog Days

That dog sure has gotten a lot more cluttered since he last showed his face around here.


kassy said...

I'm not eating there, that animal-thing-whatever-it-is probably eats all the customers.

Greg said...

A classic case of ruining a good design. An eatery shaped like a dog would probably attract attention but by the time the owner's decided to plaster it with every possible sign and slogan available it makes you kind of nauseaus just looking at it.

Mrrspidey said...

Didn't I see something similar in THE ROCKETEER?

Arbogast said...

The Rocka-who?

The Pup Cafe was on Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles, in the Mar Vista/Culver City area. THE ROCKETEER's Bulldog Cafe was clearly modeled after that and the facade used in the movie was dumped onto the MGM/Disney backlot in Florida for a few years until it was demolished.

Ansel Adams took that picture, by the way.

Greg said...

That Arbogast sure does remove a lot of comments, don't he?

And yes, I am aware Ansel Adams took it because I got it from an Adams archive, but thank you for mentioning it. Although before I found this archive I certainly wasn't aware of anything outside of his Yosemite photographs. He has tons of LA photos including ones I'll be using here and at the Gunslinger blog. Even a gas station one I'll use for "Fill 'er up." It's strange. You don't think the guy who famously photographed El Capitan as snapping shots of a gas station too.

Arbogast said...

I thought Ansel Adams just photographed snowcapped mountains, so this was a revelation.

Greg said...

Another thing you realize is how much the subject makes the difference, not the photographer. The photo of this or the Santa Monica pier or the Golden Eagle filling station aren't any more special than any archived newspaper photo I use here.

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