Wednesday, February 10

Douglas Sirk's Underbelly #15

Dope peddler consoled by girlfriend. That can't be good for his back.


Arbogast said...

You can tell she totally set him up to take the tumble for her. And while his loins are afire for her, the handcuffs cutting into his wrists as he strains for one last, sweet embrace, he knows he was played for a fool... and he'd doing it again in a heartbeat.

Arbogast said...

Boy, I was so caught up in the moment I bungled the last phrase... but you get the idea.

Brainy, homely femme fatales are my undoing, too!

Greg said...

He's putty in her hands, completely.

bill r. said...

"It'll be okay, Charlie, just you wait and see! You'll be outta here in no time, and when we're together again we'll take that trip to Mexico! Just like we talked about!"

Then when she leaves, she goes home, gets her stash, and it's off to Mexico. By her lonesome!

Greg said...

Ha ha Charlie! What a sucker! Stupid sap.

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